Upcoming Contest: Supernatural & The Monster at the End of the Episode

Have you seen Supernatural? If you haven’t, we’re going to give you even more reason to try it out: Suvudu will be giving you the chance to win the companion books to the show and all you have to do is watch the upcoming April 2 episode, The Monster at the End of this Book, and tell us how it ended.
Now, along the way you might get sucked into the show and become a fan. That’s the type of collateral that we have to accept in these contests. Occasionally you stumble on a fun demon hunting show and you succumb. That’s life, right?

If you’re curious about the show itself, the CW sums it up thusly:

Now, Sam and Dean face all-out demonic war. And as they work to stem the rising tide of demonic activity, they continue to travel the country, battling the supernatural wherever they go: changelings, cursed objects, vampires, witches, malevolent spirits, even a very unmerry Anti-Claus. Dean’s clock is ticking, with Hell awaiting him in less than a year’s time. Meanwhile, Sam still faces the fallout of the slain demon’s plan to make him leader of the gathering demonic army. Wrestling many new questions about his destiny, Sam must uncover the dark secrets buried within his own past and within his family’s history. And he must find a way to save his brother.

Read the full show summary here.

Okay, so you can tune in, watch the show, and maybe win a book. Of course, if you’d like to kick the tires and take the show for a test drive, or if you’d like to rewatch a favorite episode, you can view the series online at the CW’s online Supernatural channel.

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  1. Kylee says:

    I love the show. I didn’t know there were books! That’s like a peanut butter cup as far as I’m concerned. You’ll be hearing from me on Thursday night. =)

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