Witchblade #125 Cover

This will probably be the most glaring showcasing of my inner fanboy on Suvudu!
Here is why:

  1. I used to collect the comic book Witchblade when it was first released and Michael Turner was doing the artwork. Such an amazing penciler! He will be missed. Still have multiple copies of each issue. Like I said, fanboy.
  2. Marc Silvestri did this alternate cover to Witchblade #125, a large anniversary edition launching the War of the Witchblades storyline for Top Cow! Silvestri is my favorite comic book artist and has been for almost two decades, the man responsible for the art on some of the greatest comic book series runs ever, including: Wolverine, Uncanny X-Men, Cyberforce, The Darkness, Hunter Killer and New X-Men!
  3. This alternate cover has the logo for the Emerald City ComiCon, which takes place April 4th & 5th, along with an image of a green Space Needle!

Since I live in Oz, in Seattle, I thought this was postworthy! I know, I know, not really news except for a few of us. I plan on finding a copy of this comic book somewhere when it is released on March 18th and having it signed by my penciling hero, Marc Silvestri, along with his extraordinary inker, Weems, at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con. I think it will look great on my wall somewhere!
Now I just have to find the comic book—and the room on the wall. Hurm…

2 Responses to “Witchblade #125 Cover”

  1. Suemoe says:

    Seriously? this is the most glaring showcase of fanboy? I’m going to guess there’s more on the horizon … :)
    Oh, and cool cover. I guess I’ll have to check the comic out now.

  2. Shawn Speakman says:

    This is the most glaring personal showcasing of who I am, yes. :) I mean, it is the perfect storm!
    - It’s a comic book I used to collect.
    - It’s a cover from my favorite artist, a rarity these days.
    - And it has the symbol of my city blazened on the cover.
    Pretty darn cool! :) I usually don’t post things like this but it has too many ties to my past NOT to. :)

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