China’s Chat is over, now take it and ruuuuuuuun!

I hope you enjoyed our first ever live chat. For my part, I was scurrying back and forth between my desk (where China chatted – w00t w00t!) and Chris’s location while trying to keep track of the conversation. It was without a doubt a cool way to spend an hour.
If you didn’t get a chance to read it live, don’t worry. You can read through the chat anytime you like on China’s author chat page: China Miéville Author Chat.
But sometimes you don’t just want to read it, you want to blog about it. Well, I shouldn’t be so presumptuous, let me go back and say, “perhaps you’d like to blog about the chat and/or include it.” That still doesn’t sound right.
Let’s try this: Do you want to embed China’s chat on your site? We’re all about sharing and you’re welcome to the whole thing. Below you’ll see options for either embedding the chat window or obtaining the HTML output. It’s up to you.
Or you could hang out with us here on Suvudu. You know, whatever you want to do.
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So there you have it, three ways to view, two ways to take it and run, one great author chat.
But back to the chat. There was a lot to take in. Below I’ve pulled out just a couple of lines from China’s answers, but you’d do well to read the whole thing – there’s a lot there that makes for a fun read.

From the chat:

[On The City & The City]

(2:21) Chris the Editor: China– there are a lot of questions about your latest work in a new genre, The City & The City. I’m going to get into those in a sec. But first, did you feel like some people would react negatively to you working in such a different genre (although, really, it’s not so different that it’s not recognizably you).

China: Yes, I was worried in both directions. First, that the fantasy/sf readers might feel like I was ‘abandoning’ the genre; second, that the crime readers might feel I was crashing into ‘their’ genre without any love or respect for it, and its protocols. But at the same time I was very excited by the project so there was never any chance of me not giving it a try – it just meant I was very nervous about the response when I sent it.


[On researching The City & The City]

(2:31) China: “I also read up a fair bit on the police forces of various Eastern European states – but was very keen not to make either police force in the book a narrow mapping from reality. That was, after all, kind of the point. “


[on genres and crime fiction]

(2:37) China: “I think the kind of hyperreal, apparently-moralist (though often not) intense scrutiny of the everyday in the best crime fiction makes it amazingly powerful as a form.”


(2:43) Chris the Editor: To keep this answer short, let’s try word association: “Cephalopod.”

China: Apotheosis.

Three cheers to everyone, all around; especially to all of you out there who participated and made this first outing such a success and, it should go without saying*, to China Miéville and Del Rey editor, Chris Schluep for hanging out with all of us and answering all our questions.

*But it won’t, because that would be rude.

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