Your 2011 Cage Match Contenders [VIDEO]


Suvudu Cage Match! 2011 Bracket

Cage Match 2011 is back with a vengeance! With Rand al Thor declared the big winner in last year’s Championship, it’s time for a new champion to arise. So we have a whole new slew of science fiction and fantasy heroes–and villains–ready to raise their swords… or wands… or claws… you get the picture.

David and Joe share the big reveal. Who do you think will make it past the round of 32?


Check out the first match here

133 Responses to “Your 2011 Cage Match Contenders [VIDEO]”

  1. Eric says:

    Personally, I either want to see Vin or Martin the Warrior win. Vin is on a similar power level with Paul Atreides, and Redwall holds a special place in my heart as the first fantasy book series I ever read. I’ve been a Redwall fan for over two-thirds of my life (around a decade and a half), and Martin is not only easy to underestimate, he’s the bravest character in the entire tournament. REDWAAAAAAAAAALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dajomas says:


    How do you think Martin will get past Perrin and his wolfs????

    But I have to agree with you on Vin, she’s my fav to win the title this year. Can you imagine the matchup between Perrin and Vin what a day for Brandon Sanderson that will be :-D

  3. Aero182 says:


  4. Dajomas says:

    @the cage match schedule maintainer:

    The quarter finals of the right half are linking to the wrong pages. Can anybody fix that?


  5. Dajomas says:


    Recently I have been pointed at the Suvudu 2011 Cage Match and I must say I have become a big fan! Great idea!!!

    However, now that the quarterfinals are up I noticed that the link for the right bracket aren’t linking to the correct pages.

    Can you please correct that? Thanx.

  6. Cloglord says:

    I’m more interested to see if Perrin Aybara can talk to Jon Snow’s Direwolf,……

  7. amy says:

    Speaking of women, I’d like very much to have Moiraine in next year’s cage match! Please! *_*

  8. malazanite says:

    im sorry guys, but no one can stand next to quick ben, the man puts gods in their place, he is almost beyond genius lvl intelligence, he has access to tons of magic, and is the mage of high house dark…. its a no brainier….

  9. Valan says:

    Yeah I think Quick’s got to take it this tournament, as big a fan I am of WoT and Mistborn, Quick would tear Perrin to pieces. And as for Vin… what can I say? Quick doesn’t play fair.

  10. Ray says:

    O man! I love WoT so gotta route for Perrin but I just discovered the Malazan books… Idon’t see how he could possibly get past quick ben! BTW… Serverus Snape Vs Quick Ben?? please… Snape will be bleeding out his eye sockets before he can even mutter his first curse…

  11. Ray says:

    I would liked to see Quick Ben Vs Rand Al Thor that would be sweet!

  12. Matt says:

    Jon “The Warg” Snow versus Perrin “The Wolfbrother” Aybara.

    Now that’s a write-up I’d like to read.

  13. Bared says:

    I’m super disappointed Karsa Orlong isnt in this. “Witness”. Or Fiddler. Or Rake. So much more interesting (imo) characters from Malazan Book of the Fallen.

  14. Retrick says:

    I have read about every book listed there. There is no a single character on that list that could stand a chance against Arlen Bales the deliverer from the Demon Cycle except possibly Zeddicus. That too is indeed doubtful it would depend on if Zed counted unmaking the universe a win.

    Arlen vs Rand Al Thor would be a good match up. Beowolf winning vs the deliverer is a horrible joke. The “breakdown” for the fight was horribly wrong. ^^ Anyone who has read all the books from every series up there could tell you that. Just my opinion of course but Arlen is pretty darn invincible.

    I am a fan of many of the series up there but it would be pretty obvious no contest.

    The only ways I can think of Arlen being killed is if he was somehow dropped into a star or possibly bale fire.. Again there is Rand..

  15. Scott says:

    A pity that these contests always de-evolve into popularity contests in the end. I don’t know how someone who is not voting the fanboy line could seriously vote for Jon Snow over Beowulf or Perrin over Paul. This is coming from someone who has read all of the WoT and Ice and Fire books! It really makes me shake my head to see this sort of thing.

  16. Dave says:

    Quick Ben all the way.
    As much as I love the WoT characters, Perrin especially, and Vin, fantastic character, I dont see any way that they can top the smarts, the raw power and the sneakyness of Quick. As Malazanite said, he put gods in their place, and not little ones too, some serious gods are in his debt [although I have yet to finish the last 3 books].
    go ben go

  17. LF says:

    I love Quick Ben, But I back Vin in this one, she is just an amazing character. I actually would love to see a Vin vs Quick Ben final battle, that would be epic

  18. Brian says:

    I love Perrin, he’s one of my favorite characters, but unless the fights took place in the world of dreams there’s no way he would stand a chance against serious magic users. In the event he could somehow pull them into the world of dreams though, he wins in a landslide. That not being likely, he probably shouldn’t have made it this far. Then again, neither should John Snow, whom I also love as a character, or this mouse.

  19. LF says:

    PS: by the way, when will the next combat start?

  20. Demon In Me says:

    Personally I’d like to see Jaenelle (at the height of her powers) or Daemon Sadi from Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy. Both would make for interesting write-ups with even some of the more powerful characters.

    Personally, I vote for my favorites. The fact is it’s incredibly unfair to some of the characters to have such a mix and mash of weight classes. You have heavyweights (god-like mages) vs light weights (fantastical swordsman/heroes) vs mixed martial artists (sci fi and technology based characters) etc., that ultimately to think about it logically would make for some boring matches.

    I had been considering gathering a more logical grouping of characters and translating them into D&D terms with equipment and abilities laid out and then conducting pitched battles between them with two players taking control of the characters but it’s a lot of work for a passing fancing… Regardless, given the current setup of the Suvudu Cage Matches it’s honestly more fun, at least for me, to suspend belief, vote for my favorites, and try to enjoy the better write-ups.

  21. Chris says:

    Can someone update the bracket to add Vin Vs Snow? We all know the match is going on -.-

  22. Athrolaxle says:

    Next year, I wanna see some Jarlaxle.

  23. ken says:

    perrin over paul atreides? Muad’dib?!?!!? Come on now. Perrin never even learned how to fight.

  24. Demon In Me says:

    Next year I’d like to see Jaenelle or Daemon Sadi from Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy. However, if the final match-up ends up being Vin vs Perrin, and they allow another WoT/Sanderson character next year, I will be boycotting this cage match until it makes more ….sense.

    Now, this is an excellent idea, but the Suvudu team has executed it horribly. The current match-ups are a mix and mash of weight classes, with heavy-weights fighting lightweights fighting mixed martial artists. In addition, many of the write-ups seem to have been done by someone who has a strong bias or has read one/or neither of the series involved.

    The fact is, the Cage Matches are currently neither a popularity contest or a contest based on a logical analysis of the facts. If it’s a popularity contest, start taking out the winners for a year, because it’s boring and annoying to have Sanderson/Jordan win every year. And I like Sanderson’s books. C’mon, you have a good chance it will be Vin vs. Perrin in the finals! If it’s a logical analysis of the facts, first off, have the writers read the books. Second, seperate them into a realistic grouping of characters. Third, very carefully lay out in the match what is and is not usable by the characters.

    That said, I don’t think either will be done. At the very least, take out Sanderson/Jordan and maybe even Martin for a year. And for the record, I love Martin, and I enjoy Sanderson, but as it stands right now those three authors are dominating because of a previously established fanbase that dwarfs anything that any of the other authors have.

  25. Rune says:

    A thing that has been bugging me.

    I’m a huge WoT fan (and ditto aSoIaF), It seems they have booth beaten odds they shouldn’t have (i.e. Beowulf and Paul Atreidis), an I must say that I’m shocked that they have come this far, I don’t see any of them winning (even though it would have been so funny with Perrin being able to talk to Ghost and all that – could have made for an interesting match).
    But the people here at suvudu are missing an important point about Perrin. He is able to walk in the-wolf-dream. A place where he would be pretty much able to wipe the floor with any of the contestants (maybe even with last years winner), and is it so weird if he was fighting for his life that he would try to fight the battle in Tel’aran’rhiod?

  26. Lasse says:

    Please Suvudu, next year leave off any characters from A Song of Ice and Fire and Wheel of Time. You can clearly see that it doesn’t matter how far down the ranks you go, none of these characters can lose. With the Martin characters, I attribute the fan loyalty to the great skill with which the characters have been developed by the author. The ridiculous victories of the characters from Wheel of Time can be attributed to the deus ex machina nonsense that occurs every time they are faced with legitimate peril (which actually means that they are never faced with legitimate peril). The magic system in WoT is, to a certain extent, childish. It is very reminiscent of the games we played when young, wherein we were always saved at the last minute by an ability or trick created on the spot and never mentioned before. Great fun for children, not so much for the adult storyline of an epic fantasy series … or a cage match!

  27. Nate says:

    You have GOT to be kidding me! Druss defeated in the first match? Jesus, people, how did that happen?

    *shakes head in despair*

  28. S4m says:

    Can someone finally update the bracket for the finals??????

  29. Nafro says:


    Dues Ex machina in WoT? You gotta be kidding me. You must be the type that has to hate on something just because it is extremely popular. I bet you love Malazan and Erickson’s ridiculously horrible, borderline unreadable sentence structure. It must mean its much more refined. But I have to agree, Perrin is a total wimp. Vin owns this one.

  30. Elanya Rodillia says:

    @Rune – Perrin couldn’t fight this in Tel’aran’rhiod unless the person he was fighting against also had access, or the match was already set there. He can’t channel, so he can’t force or take others into the wolf dream with him. He also can’t get there physically, so he has to go to sleep to enter it. If he tried that, his body would be asleep and he’d be an easy target.

    As for the the final match, I have to say I don’t see how Vin could beat Quick Ben. I’ve been a fan of WoT for the last 15 years, and I’ve recently really started to enjoy Sanderson’s works, but Vin is too young and too straight forward in her thinking to be able to defeat Ben Adaephon Delat. He’s a High Mage with more years of experience practicing his craft than Vin has been alive. I can easily see him being smart enough to outlast any supply of atium Vin would have, and once that’s gone she’s very little threat. Besides, atium shows the actions of a person – how they will move – and I don’t think that it would necessarily give her the ability to anticipate his magic.

    I think Rand vs Quick Ben would be an interesting match. I’d have to think for awhile about that one before I could decide who would win.

  31. Terracapri says:

    I want to see Wizzard rincewind from discworld take on some serious magickers :D

  32. Furrymoose says:

    Ah. I am sorry to see that I missed this year’s cage match. The 2010 match was truly a pleasure and I am proud I shared a part in it. I am planning on taking part in the next, though! However, I do want to know why some of my favorites were not entered this year. Is a whole new cast chosen every year? I do miss seeing Rand Al’Thor and Kvothe in there, as I am sure they would have done quite well. Aslan as well. I do hope they will be in the next one, but I am sure it will be enjoyable even without their presence!

  33. Curios says:

    How come there was never a Championship match between Quick Bee vs Rand Al’Thor? How come there has not been another villains cage match tournament?

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