New Edition of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Due in 2014

dndlogoWizards Of The Coast just announced that the newest iteration of the venerable fantasy role-playing Dungeons & Dragons will be released next year.

A brief press release from WOTC included a few curious lines, including this one:

“Players will be immersed in rich storytelling experiences across multiple gaming platforms as they face off against the most fearsome monster of all time.”

Based on some reading I’ve done, I know that the rules are planned to be modular: In essence, they can be expanded to include miniature combat, etc. etc. I’m not sure if that’s what they mean by multiple gaming platforms, or if they’re hoping to incorporate other things like computers. I know that D&D Insider for fourth edition was supposed to have featured a virtual gaming environment. Maybe that’s on the way? In any case, I hope that modularity doesn’t become mandatory. I trust that it won’t be.

The “most fearsome monster of all time” bit is provocative, too. Do they mean a dragon? “As they face off…” sounds like a game with a finite goal: Hunt down and defeat this monster. I know that there’s a trend in role-playing games toward finite storylines to better accommodate time-pressed adult players. Who knows? We’ll have to wait and see. More information is due in 2014.

Here’s what Nathan Stewart, Brand Director for D&D said:

“Just like a perfectly balanced party, Wizards has worked cohesively with fans, designers and partners to create the next generation of D&D,” said Nathan Stewart, Brand Director for Dungeons & Dragons. “We whole-heartedly thank all of the play test participants, whose feedback has proven instrumental in shaping the future of Dungeons & Dragons.”

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