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The Suvudu Writing Contest: Win an Editorial Review

At Suvudu, we’re aware that getting your work into the hands of a professional editor can be a major hurdle in the road to publication. Many New York publishers do not accept submissions except from literary agents. That’s why we’re making available this limited opportunity to put your best manuscript of  science fiction, fantasy, horror, or paranormal romance into consideration by the Del Rey/Spectra staff.

Del Rey/Spectra through Suvudu will be accepting submissions from now through March 18, 2011, of  previously unpublished manuscripts of no more than 150,000 words. Over the next few months, they will be judged on the basis of originality, creativity, and writing style. The top submission will receive a full edit of the submitted work by Betsy Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief of Del Rey Publishing, and the story will be considered for publication. Three runners-up will receive a set of Del Rey/Spectra titles selected by Suvudu.

When you’re ready to submit, click here to fill out the entry form. Once you’ve done so, you’ll receive an e-mail from Suvudu. Send your submission in response to the e-mail to enter the contest. Click here for official contest rules.

The winners will be announced on May 18, 2011.

Contest is from January 18, 2011 to March 18, 2011 (EST), and open only to legal residents of the United States, excluding Puerto Rico, who are age 18 and over as of January 18, 2011. Void wherever prohibited or restricted by law. Sponsor: Suvudu.com, a website of Random House, Inc.

129 Responses to “The Suvudu Writing Contest: Win an Editorial Review”

  1. Naomi says:

    @ John

    No, that’s not what it means. What that means is that if you win the contest, they can publish your name and bio for advertising purposes and not have to compensate you for the ads.

    In other words, if they produce a TV commercial about this contest, and in that commercial mention that you were the winner (regardless of whether or not they chose to publish your book) then they don’t have to pay you for that commercial. They can advertise the contest as they like (or even use your name next year, should they choose to run the contest again) and not pay you for being in their ad.

  2. Jason says:

    would have been nice if facebook had informed me of this…idk like even yesterday would have been nice. well you have my email next time you have a contest running feel free to use it.

  3. Seaton says:

    @WD Patterson


    You should read this:

    Read Kris Rusch’s Changing Times blogs. You may be enlightened.

    Also, there are publishing companies out there that will help you publish if you don’t want to do it, by offering one time fees for publishing services. You might want to check into it before you sign your all your money away. Just sayin’ …

  4. matt says:

    i’m so glad i found out about this minutes before the deadline rather than when the contest first opened. i’m sure i can compose something truly epic in the next 7 minutes.

  5. Tom says:

    Did anyone receive any type of confirmation after emailing their MS?

  6. Andrea says:

    Hi Tom,

    I submitted my MS, but I did not receive a confirmation, and I definitely used the correct E-mail address. If there is a problem with the receipt of your work, your E-mail server will usually kick it back as “non deliverable.”

  7. Thomas says:

    Thank you, Andrea. Good luck.

  8. Mike says:

    Contests like this are a great way for an unknown author to have his work seen!

  9. I submitted a work to the Contest and did not recieve a confirmation e-mail. I put my heart, sweat, tears, and stress resistance into my submission. I better get something in return or else….lol.

  10. Phillip Wallace says:

    Anyone know when they are going to announce the winners?

  11. january says:

    The rules state that ” Winners will be required to complete, execute and return an Affidavit of Eligibility and Release within seven (7) days of the date of notification” but not when that notification will be. (Winner list is available 6/10 via request).
    So my assumption, with the eligibility form requirement, is that they’ve been (will be?) notified
    via post or fed ex.

    By the way, I did not receive an email informing me my attachment had been received either.
    But I did have visits to my website from random house, so they at least got the email ;)

    Good luck all! In this and everything you do, I mean.

  12. Ann says:

    If you scroll up from this comment and read the original post, it clearly states that:

    The winners will be announced on May 18, 2011.

  13. Ressa says:

    @ Joseph: I feel your pain, lol. I did the same. I don’t think they mentioned anywhere that we’d get an email confirmation. I imagine we all just got the email with the submission email address. I’m assuming since my entry email went through, the MS submission did as well. Or at least that’s what I am ‘choosing’ to believe, lol. *keeping fingers painfully crossed*


  14. Jade Fox says:

    I was lucky. My friend told me about this contest three days before it ended. I had just enough time to add a few much needed details and submit my novel. I would be fine as a runner up, simply because I need some more books to read. Ha ha ha!
    Winning, of course, would be nice. Still, a lot of people must have submitted some great stories. I will have to read the book the winner wrote!! So if you are the winner come May, contact me! I definitely want to see your work that clearly pwned mine and everyone elses’. ;)
    Look me up on Facebook Jade Autumn Fox (The profile with the girl on a motorcycle)

  15. Johnston says:

    I have a question: how will the winners be announced? Will we all receive an email, will it be posted here on Suvudu, etc.? I’d be really curious to know as May 18 is less than a month away! Thanks!

  16. danae ayusso says:

    I entered but I never got confirmation that it was received. Was there a confirmation?

  17. Joe says:

    With 8 days until the potential release of the winners, I am chomping at the bit. How are the winners going to be released?

  18. Seaton says:

    Don’t any of you realize that a revolution in publishing is afoot? You don’t need New York publishers. They will under-report your sales and take your money if you publish with them! Do it on your own and make yourself rich. Not them!

  19. Melissa says:

    Hi everyone,

    I heard from Random House that they will be announcing the winners on the website. So keep checking it …


  20. BTCG says:

    Thanks, Melissa. That’s cool that you’re passing this on.

    Did you find out if this is an annual thing, and/or if they are going to repeat the contest?

    @seaton: Pretty serious accusations. Did it happen to you? Are there court case citations where authors successfully recovered damages from New York. If the problem is as prevalent as you say, some ambulance-chasing lawyer would have class-actioned them a long time ago.


  21. Joe says:

    @Melissa – do you know where on the website? Random house’s website is pretty big.

  22. It will be announced on Suvudu, Joe.

  23. April Mason says:

    Well, I’ve checked my e-mail, and the website, nothing yet. I found out about the contest 10 days before the deadline. I only had a hardcopy of my manuscript, so I had to almost rewrite the whole thing as it had more than 150,000 words. Stayed up until all hours of the night, editing and typing, typing and editing…fun fun. I wrote my book back in 2001, and have had no luck finding either a publisher or an agent. It sucks!!!!!

  24. January Gens says:

    April, I feel your pain!
    Good Luck all!!

  25. Belinda Whitaker says:

    They also have said that they will announce on their Facebook page and Twitter account! Can’t wait. Good luck to all.

  26. Klayton A. Korstjens says:

    No announcement yet…

    Hope it comes soon.

    Good luck to all that entered!

  27. Jade Fox says:

    Right, so who won? Where can I see that?

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