Del Rey Spectra Publishing Schedule – Comic-Con 2011

SDCC Del Rey Spectra 2011 publishing scheduleThank you for your interest in Del Rey Spectra. Click here to download a PDF version of the 2011 Del Rey Spectra Publishing Timeline or scroll down to read the text version.

2011 Del Rey Spectra Publishing Timeline

City of Ruin
Mark Charan Newton
On Sale Now
Spectra Trade Paperback 9780345520883

Dragon’s Time
Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey
On Sale Now
Del Rey Hard Cover 9780345500892

Raising Stony Mayhall
Daryl Gregory
On Sale Now
Del Rey Trade Paperback 9780345522375

The Shadow Men
Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon
On Sale Now
Spectra Mass Market 9780553386578

Deeper Than Midnight
Lara Adrian
On Sale Now
Dell Mass Market 9780440246114

Kevin Hearne
On Sale Now
Del Rey Mass Market 9780345522481

Outlander 20th Anniversary Edition
Diana Gabaldon
On Sale Now
Delacorte Press Hard Cover 9780440423201

Blood Work
Kim Harrison
On Sale Now
Del Rey Hard Cover 9780345521019

The War That Came Early: The Big Switch
Harry Turtledove
On Sale Now
Del Rey Hard Cover 9780345491862

A Song of Ice and Fire 2012 Calendar
George R. R. Martin
Illustrated by John Picacio
On Sale Now
Spectra Calendar 9780345525420

Star Wars: Choices of One
Timothy Zahn
On Sale Now
LucasBooks Hard Cover 9780345511256

The Black Lung Captain
Chris Wooding
On Sale 7/26/2011
Spectra Trade Paperback 9780345522504

Conan the Barbarian
Robert E. Howard
On Sale 7/26/2011
Del Rey Mass Market 9780345531230

The Difference Engine
William Gibson and Bruce Sterling
On Sale 7/26/2011
Spectra Trade Paperback 9780440423621

Kirsten Imani Kasai
On Sale 7/26/2011
Del Rey Trade Paperback 9780345508829

Resistance: A Hole in the Sky
William C. Dietz
On Sale 8/2/2011
Del Rey Mass Market 9780345508430

Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett
On Sale 8/2/2011
Spectra Hard Cover 9780553807707

Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Ascension
Christie Golden
On Sale 8/9/2011
LucasBooks Hard Cover 9780345509161

The Mandel Files, Volume 1
Peter F. Hamilton
On Sale 8/23/2011
Del Rey Trade Paperback 9780345526359

The Measure of the Magic: Legends of Shannara
Terry Brooks
On Sale 8/23/2011
Del Rey Hard Cover 9780345484208

Circle of Enemies
Harry Connolly
On Sale 8/30/2011
Del Rey Mass Market 9780345508911

Matthew Costello
On Sale 8/30/2011
Del Rey Trade Paperback 9780345529367

Cherie Priest
On Sale 9/6/2011
Spectra Trade Paperback 9780345520623

Star Wars: Heir to the Empire
Timothy Zahn
On Sale 9/6/2011
LucasBooks Hard Cover 9780345528292

C.E. Murphy
On Sale 9/6/2011
Del Rey Trade Paperback 9780345516077

Lord of Souls: An Elder Scrolls Novel
Greg Keyes
On Sale 9/27/2011
Del Rey Trade Paperback 9780345508027

Transformers: Exiles
Alex Irvine
On Sale 9/27/2011
Del Rey Mass Market 9780345519863

The Traitor’s Daughter
Paula Brandon
On Sale 10/4/2011
Spectra Trade Paperback 9780553583809

Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth
Christopher Golden
On Sale 10/4/2011
Del Rey Trade Paperback 9780345522177

The Cold Commands
Richard K. Morgan
On Sale 10/11/2011
Del Rey Hard Cover 9780345493064

Dearly, Departed
Lia Habel
On Sale 10/18/2011
Del Rey Hard Cover 9780345523310

Star Wars: The Complete Vader
Ryder Windham and Peter Vilmur
On Sale 10/18/2011
LucasBooks Hard Cover 9780345522979

The High Druid of Shannara Trilogy
Terry Brooks
On Sale 10/25/2011
Del Rey Hard Cover 9780345528957

Star Wars: Riptide
Paul S. Kemp
On Sale 10/25/2011
LucasBooks Mass Market 9780345522467

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan
Drew Karpyshyn
On Sale 11/15/2011
LucasBooks Hard Cover 9780345511348

Star Wars: Shadow Games
Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
On Sale 11/29/2011
LucasBooks Mass Market 9780345511201

The Scottish Prisoner
Diana Gabaldon
On Sale 11/29/2011
Delacorte Press Hard Cover 9780385337519

Star Wars: Darth Plagueis
James Luceno
On Sale 12/27/2011
LucasBooks Hard Cover 9780345511287

Switchblade Goddess
Lucy A. Snyder
On Sale 12/27/2011
Del Rey Mass Market 9780345512116


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