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When Writers Meet Their Debut Books

speakman-darkthornI now possess copies of my debut novel, The Dark Thorn.

It didn’t stir the emotions I thought it would. I decided to ask several fantasy authors to share their experience of holding their first novel for the first time.

The answers might surprise you!

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SF & Fantasy

To Be A Fantasy Beta Reader

brooks-wardsI’m not the only one who beta reads for fantasy writers. Most authors have a select, small group of early readers that offer ways to improve the book—whether fixing slow pacing or continuity mistakes.

I asked my writer friends a question: Do you use beta readers? If so, how did they get such a role and what have you instructed them to look for?

Make the jump to read their answers!

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SF & Fantasy

Event Video: Spellbound by Blake Charlton

charlton-spellboundAuthor Blake Charlton is an amazing writer.

It’s not only for his novels, Spellwright and Spellbound. It’s because he’s written two books while going through medical school!

Here is video of Blake talking about a wide range of topics and reading from his new book. Enjoy!

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Star Wars

Poll: What Should I Read Next?

It’s time for you to vote!

All of the books in this poll have a commonality. I haven’t read them. Since my book is out the door with several publishers, I have a lot of time on my hands in the next few weeks, time I can finally catch up on my reading piles!

And what better way than to have you all pick what I read! Why? Because it’s fun.

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SF & Fantasy

Tell Me Poll: What Makes A Fantasy Cover

lockwood-spellboundCovers are arguably the most important part of a book.

Why? Because it’s the first thing that a prospective reader sees.

I ask for your help in determining what kind of cover currently draws you in for reading because I’m creating one right now!

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SF & Fantasy

Cover Art: Spellbound by Blake Charlton

Tor Books has released the Todd Lockwood cover art for Spellbound by Blake Charlton! It’s gorgeous. Click here to view it yourself!

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