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New Trailer: Godzilla

poster-godzillaThe new trailer for Godzilla is here!

It hits theaters on May 14th! But if you want a real look at this new movie and our favorite massive lizard, I suggest watching the trailer. It looks badass!

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Mock Trailer: Man of Steel 2

poster-manofsteelA fan has released a mock trailer for Man of Steel 2, using various different sources featuring the principle actors set to star.

And it is badass! Make the jump to watch!

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Lex Luthor Will Badly Break The Man of Steel

lex-luthorBen Affleck as Batman? And now Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor!

I’m so confused! Do I love what is happening with the sequel to Man of Steel? What do you think of this new rumor!? Make the jump!

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