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SF & Fantasy Unveils Dangerous Women

martin-dangerousWith the advent of the ebook, short stories are flourishing.

And so are anthologies! I theorize reasons for this after the jump, but one of the most impressive anthologies of the year comes in December with Dangerous Women! And is featuring stories from it a bit early!

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SF & Fantasy

To Be A Fantasy Beta Reader

brooks-wardsI’m not the only one who beta reads for fantasy writers. Most authors have a select, small group of early readers that offer ways to improve the book—whether fixing slow pacing or continuity mistakes.

I asked my writer friends a question: Do you use beta readers? If so, how did they get such a role and what have you instructed them to look for?

Make the jump to read their answers!

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SF & Fantasy

Feminism in Sci-Fi Interview: Steel by Carrie Vaughn

vaughn-steelScience fiction and fantasy have long been vehicles for social activism.

Mary Shelley. Ursula K. Le Guin. Octavia Butler. Margaret Atwood. All have worked hard at changing how Mankind has often treated women, empowering them, and building a better future.

In that vein, New York Times bestselling author Carrie Vaughn has just been nominated for the 2012 Amelia Bloomer List, which names “the best books with significant feminist content that will appeal to young readers.” Here is an interview with her! Enjoy!

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SF & Fantasy

SDCC 2011 Video Interview: Carrie Vaughn

vaughn-kittysbigtroubleSaturday was a great day for interviews.

There were many. Carrie Vaughn happened to be the first. Therefore, she gets the honors.

Make the jump for the interview! Enjoy!

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SF & Fantasy

Excerpt: Steel by Carrie Vaughn

Steel by Carrie VaughnI love pirate stories.

Carrie Vaughn loves pirate stories.

Therefore it makes sense that I’d be excited to see Carrie post an excerpt of her forthcoming pirate tale, Steel!

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