Charles Stross


How Charles Stross Invented The Most Metal D&D Monster Of All Time

With a new edition of Dungeons & Dragons arriving on shelves in just about a week and a half, let’s pause for a moment and return to the earliest days of the hobby: a time when primitive ape-like beings clad in blue jean jackets and white high tops would gather around card tables to argue [...]

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SF & Fantasy

Locus Award Winners Announced

mieville-railsea-tradeThe winners of the 2013 Locus Awards were announced Saturday in Seattle, WA.

Make the jump to see who won! And perhaps discover some new books to read!

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The Laundry RPG: Adventuring In the World of the “Laundry Files” Novels by Charles Stross

Any fans of Charles Stross’ The Laundry Files stories out there? Main character Bob Howard is a hacker who stumbles upon Things-Man-Was-Not-Meant-to-Know-Without-Security-Clearance and is promptly drafted into a secret government agency dubbed “The Laundry.” The Laundry is tasked with preventing the Old Gods (Cthulhu and company) from destroying the Earth, and more specifically the UK. [...]

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Del Rey Spectra 50 Page Fridays