New Documentary to Examine the Death of Tim Burton’s ‘Superman Lives’

supernicAlmost everyone has heard rumors about “Superman Lives”: The Kevin Smith-scripted, Tim Burton-directed and (gasp) Nicholas Cage-starring Superman story that never was, and now, thanks to “Metalocalypse” director John Schnepp’s soon to be released documentary “The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?”, we’ll get to know what we really missed, and how it all went down. The film will feature interviews with the people behind the scenes; those who really know went wrong… or right, depending on how you see things. Schnepp, who raised the money for the film via Kickstarter, has just released a trailer.

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A Worthy Kickstarter Project: Lakeside with Jay Lake

jaylakeMatt Staggs already posted on this topic last week.

But I have to mention it again because of my own past and it deserves two posts on this website. At least I think so.

Author Jay Lake is part of a Kickstarter Project of great importance. Please make the jump, read the article, and donate if you can. Thank you!

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