SF & Fantasy

Paperback Release: Measure of the Magic by Terry Brooks

brooks-measurepbToday, The Measure of the Magic by Terry Brooks is released as a mass market paperback.

Here is video of Terry reading from The Measure of the Magic! Enjoy!

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SF & Fantasy

New Release Interview: Words Like Coins by Robin Hobb

hobb-wordsThe world of publishing is changing.

Robin Hobb and Subterranean Press are evolving with it! Robin has finished a short story, Words Like Coins, and Sub Press is publishing it as a downloadable! Make the jump to learn more!

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Star Wars

“Star Wars” Library Coming to Your Datapad…er…eReader!

Got an eReader of some sort? Bet you do. Most Star Wars fans aren’t afraid of new technology.
Heck, I bet that the first thing that your typical Star Wars fan would say upon hearing of a UFO landing would be “Great! When do we meet ‘em?” followed by “I hope those tentacled freaks brought enough [...]

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Del Rey Spectra 50 Page Fridays