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Monster Dogs of Myth and Legend

It’s National Dog Day, Suvudu readers!
Founded in 2004 by Animal Behaviorist and author Colleen Paige National Dog Day recognizes the important roles that dogs play in human lives as companions, rescuers, protectors, and guides, and raises awareness about the many shelter dogs that need to be adopted.
All of my dogs (and cats) have been [...]

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Hail, Atlantis: The Story of a Legend That Will Not Die

Atlantis_map_1882_cropA cursory examination of world mythology offers many tales of lost lands: Lemuria, Mu, Avalon, Shangri-La. None, however, hold as much sway over the popular imagination as the legendary island nation of Atlantis, a golden land of plenty lost in a single day to a mysterious cataclysm.

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SF & Fantasy

Be a Character in a Terry Brooks Book!

brooks-wardsEvery great fantasy novel needs great character names!

Terry Brooks has created some of the most memorable character names in the genre. He does so through various means, but I like his most recent means best. In support of the David Gemmell Legend Award, Terry is auctioning off a character name!

In short, the winning bidder can have his/her name put in Terry’s 2014 book! Make the jump for more information!

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Del Rey Spectra 50 Page Fridays