Star Wars

Why I Love Star Wars Reads Day (And Why You Should Too)

Why I Love Star Wars Reads Day (And Why You Should Too)

Suvudu Star Wars contributor Eric Geller shares the story of how he got interested in the Star Wars Expanded Universe and discusses the importance of the upcoming Star Wars Reads Day on October 6th.

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SF & Fantasy

Neil Gaiman on Web Piracy

American Gods by Neil GaimanAs I’ve said in the past, I’m a fan of Neil Gaiman as well as his work.

Every once in a while I have that fandom reaffirmed. It happened this morning. As I was perusing the internet(s), I came across this video of Neil talking about the web piracy of his work. He has a unique take on it. It’s only a few minutes long but worth the watch.

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Graphic Novels & Manga

New Graphic Novel & Manga Collection Development Catalog Released

gnc_cover10Another year, another CDR release from the folks in the Random House Library Group. Unlike straight-up catalogs featuring “why you should buy” title information, this catalog has been put together with the goal of starting or growing a materials collection at your local library. But don’t go away thinking that this guide is exclusively for librarians, it can be a very helpful addition for everyone else.

Download the 2010 Graphic Novel, Manga, and Comic CDR here!

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Del Rey Spectra 50 Page Fridays