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Why Thomas Covenant Is Important

donaldson-thelastdarkThis week, The Last Dark by Stephen R. Donaldson published.

It is an important book, one many are overlooking. It is the final book in The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, one of fantasy’s most important series of all time. Make the jump to learn why—at least by my opinion.

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SF & Fantasy

New eBooks: The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant – Unbeliever

donaldson-lordLast week, I took a poll asking, “What characters make up your personality?”

For me, not all of my characters are wholly wholesome. One of them is a downright prick most of the time. Thomas Covenant. Outcast. Leper. Unclean.

The eBooks for Stephen R. Donaldson’s opus are now available! Here’s more about them and why you should read them if you haven’t already!

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