‘Midkemia: The Chronicles of Pug’ a Must-Have For Feist Fans

MidkemiaRaymond E. Feist’s Riftwar Saga is perhaps one of modern epic fantasy’s greatest series, and at thirty books and counting, it’s certainly one of the largest! Almost of the books take place in Midkemia, a highly detailed fantasy world that was originally borne out of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign played by Feist and friends. Over the course of decades, Midkemia has become so detailed and intricate, a reader would be forgiven if he or she thought it was a real place. Of course, that’s one of the great things about fantasy novels, isn’t it? The best ones take you away to another world.

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New Release Interview: Midkemia by Raymond E. Feist

feist-midkemiaRaymond E. Feist is one of the grandmasters of the fantasy genre.

He has recently published Midkemia: The Chronicles of Pug, a companion book to his bestselling Riftwar saga! Make the jump to read an interview with Mr. Feist!

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