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Why Having the Original ‘Star Wars’ Characters Return for the New Movies is a Great Idea

skywalkernotoI’ve heard a lot of complaints from friends that the original Star Wars cast is “too old” to star in the new movies. I strongly disagree. They can play a huge role as elder statesmen and kingmakers in this new film. Yeah, Carrie Fisher is older, but Princess Leia is going to be so much wiser, more connected and definitely someone you don’t want to mess with. And Luke Skywalker? Sure. Mess with a Master Jedi, hero of the galaxy and savior of the Force at the pinnacle of his strength. Let me know how that goes for you – if there’s any “you” left. Oh, and I’m sure Han Solo hasn’t lost any tricks. On the contrary, I bet he’s gained a few – and probably has an ARMY of young scoundrels and ne’er do wells to do his dirty work.

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