I Was Weaned On Another Planet: How My Father’s Love of Science Fiction Made Me A Writer

fasfI wish you could have met my dad, Philip H. Smith, M.D.. A New Yorker to the soul, he was the kind of guy who could talk to anyone. He grew up in the Bronx when it was just empty lots where neighborhood kids roasted potatoes over an open fire. He attended Clinton High School and NYU — and although he didn’t believe in God and practiced no religion, he suffered discrimination due to the quota system against Jews applying to medical schools. He persevered, and began a general practice on the Grand Concourse when he was still too young to have a moustache. (He borrowed my mother’s mascara to fill his in.) He served as a Captain in the Army medical corps during WWII and was one of the first to use the new drug, penicillin . . . and he taught me to write.

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Star Wars

Parents And Baby Depict Scenes From ‘Star Wars’ And Other Films With Cardboard

babystarwars1_610x408This would have been an awesome idea for a Christmas card, wouldn’t it? I love this geeky family’s charming DIY depictions of scenes from some of my (and possibly yours) favorite films: Star Wars, Jaws, Alien and many others! Check out all of the photos here.

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Del Rey Spectra 50 Page Fridays