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Gifts for the Geek | Day 11: Game of Thrones Westeros 3D Puzzle Map

martin-3dmapGifts for the Geek continues today with a cool Westeros item from Game of Thrones!

A 3D puzzle! Of the map! Based on the opening show credits!

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Awesome HBO ‘A Game of Thrones’ 3-D Puzzle Will Have You Humming the Theme Song

1416_got_3d_map_of_westeros_puzzle_new_boxI can hear it in my head right now… dum dum dah dum dum dum dah dum… the earworm that is the theme to HBO’s “A Game of Thrones”. You’ll get it stuck in your head, too, after you take a look at this awesome new 3-D puzzle of Westeros as envisioned on HBO’s “A Game of Thrones”. I’m not much of a puzzle guy, as a rule, but I’d be thrilled to get my hands on this thing. It was created by 4D Cityscapes, and you should be able to find it online, or in your local hobby shop or maybe your local bookstore.

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