Star Wars

Woman Named Skywalker Can’t Renew Her Passport

You don’t know the power of… bureaucracy!
A British woman who legally adopted the middle name “Skywalker” became ensnared in an Imperial entanglement while attempting to renew her passport. Government authorities in the Home Office told Laura Skywalker Matthews (Yes, L. Skywalker) that they would not renew her passport because her legal name because is “subject [...]

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Exclusive ePostcards for Fate of the Jedi

Hey folks, so this came to my attention from the good folks at Del Rey. Enjoy:
The Fate of the Jedi series has begun! This week, Del Rey Books has released the first book of the nine-book series with Outcast by Aaron Allston. Help spread the word of this exciting new chapter of the Star [...]

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Del Rey Spectra 50 Page Fridays