Never Have Xenomorphs Been So Cute: ‘Aliens’ Speedrun

Aliens-Speedrun1A4, the same company that did the Star Wars speedrun I reported on a few weeks ago is back, and this time it’s a take on ALIENS. Aliens remains one of my favorite action-horror films, and the creative minds at 1A4 have taken it and made it – dare I say – adorable. I love everything about this video, even the xenomorphs! They’re so freakin’ acid-spewin’ cute. Check it out below, and then let me know what you’d love to see as a speedrun!

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Star Wars

Watch 1A4 Studio’s Speedrun through ‘Star Wars: Episode One: A New Hope’

star_wars_a_new_hope_speedrun_tThis awesome video combines two of my favorite things: animation and Star Wars.

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