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Interview: Nate Taylor Talks Patrick Rothfuss

taylor-rothfussThe Dark of Deep Below by Patrick Rothfuss & Nate Taylor is available now!

I cornered Nate for an interview where he talks about their new not-for-children children’s book and what it’s like working for the Beard! Make the jump to take a gander!

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SF & Fantasy

Reddit Shenanigans: Rothfuss the Fighter-Bear

rothfuss-bearLast week, many of the contributors to Unfettered participated in a Reddit AMA interview!

And a funny thread of conversation happened—concerning Patrick Rothfuss. Take a look!

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Finished: Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick RothfussIt’s finished!

The Wise Man’s Fear, Book Two of The Kingkiller Chronicle, has been officially 100% edited by Patrick Rothfuss and the book is now ready to enter the publication pipeline toward its March 1st, 2011 release!

All is right in the universe this Monday morning. I still have a giddy and greedy grin on my face.

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SF & Fantasy

Review: The Adventures of the Princess & Mr. Whiffle by Patrick Rothfuss

rothfuss-princessSeveral years ago, Patrick Rothfuss wrote arguably the debut fantasy of the decade, The Name of the Wind. It quickly garnered him world-wide acclaim and set a high bar for him to overcome in its forthcoming sequel, The Wise Man’s Fear.

While rewriting the second book, Pat had an idea for an unusual children’s book, one very different than the novel he is known for. That idea became The Adventures of the Princess & Mr. Whiffle. And I love it!

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