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The Weapons Master’s Choice by Terry Brooks

paladins-weaponmasterschoiceGaret Jax is back!

Almost three decades since the publication of The Wishsong of Shannara, the weapons master has returned in a new short story, one that’s sure to delight fantasy fans of all stripes!

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SF & Fantasy

New Short Story Available: Allanon’s Quest by Terry Brooks

brooks-allanonsquestAllanon’s Quest is available now!!

It is a prequel short story, set before the events of The Sword of Shannara, and grows the legend that is Allanon, Paranor’s greatest Druid and a fan favorite among Terry Brooks fans.

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SF & Fantasy

Sub Press: Indomitable by Terry Brooks

brooks-indomitableFor years, Terry Brooks fans have been asking if the Shannara short story Indomitable would be released as its own book. All of the Shannara stories have been released as hardcovers but Indomitable was not given that treatment on its own. Since fantasy fans have a tendency to be completists when it comes to their book collections—and Terry’s fans are no exception—I decided something had to be done.

Enter Subterranean Press and their limited edition of Indomitable!

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