William Goldman


Cage Match 2013 Round Two: Captain Nemo vs. Inigo Montoya

Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo fights William Goldman’s Inigo Montoya.

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Cage Match 2013 Round 1: Inigo Montoya vs. Medea

William Goldman’s Inigo Montoya fights Euripedes’ Medea.

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SF & Fantasy

Cage Match–Villains!: 4) Morgan Le Fay versus 29) Prince Humperdinck

The High Priestess of Avalon versus the Lowly Prince of Florin.


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WHAT I LEARNED THIS WEEK: The importance of first sentences

Bookseller Molly Bolden, author Cherry Adair and I did a critique of manuscript first pages at the Jubilee Jambalaya Writers Conference last weekend in picturesque Houma, Louisiana. Participants (anonymously) handed in the first page of whatever work they had in progress, and American Idol-like we took turns commenting on what was good and bad about [...]

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Del Rey Spectra 50 Page Fridays