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‘Zombie Outlaw’ Co-Creator Brian J. Apodaca on ‘The Origins of an Outlaw’

My interests run the gamut from science-fiction, to fantasy, to melodrama. I’ve grown up reading the adventures of Marvel and DC superheroes, and following the artists of Image (like many, I’m sure) as they departed Marvel and made a name for themselves outside of the industry of comics. Jim Lee and Todd Mcfarlane were, of course, the top of the totem pole in the eyes of most of our friends. Chris (ahem, Topher) and I were stunned (!) to find ourselves in the same elevator as Todd Mcfarlane one summer at Comic-Con as we were descending from a high floor at the Hyatt. Another year, we encountered the booming voice of Stan Lee in the Marriott elevator, and half-expected an Animated Incredible Hulk to come bashing through the metal doors!

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